In and out, here I come once again.


Briefly, to explain my current position:

I am a college student, halfway through (hopefully) getting a degree in International Studies, Journalism and a dash of Spanish.

I used to stay up to date on the news much more than I do today.

I also used to write more than I do now.

Update complete…

So, I had a feeling today that with all of the time that has passed since I really dug deep into this online catalogue of my most precious thoughts I should try at regularly writing once more. I also felt that being honest about how things are now might alleviate some of the initial anxiety of picking my “most precious thoughts” to present to an audience…to whomever is reading these words right now.

I’ll be honest. I was also inspired by a movie I saw last night. The Great Gatsby. And while I never really liked that book (Gatsby was a horribly unrelatable and hopelessly optimistic character), what did speak to me was the movie’s portrayal of Nick Carraway feeling his emotions deeply by writing a novel about his past. So, while I may not be sharing much with you about my past (I feel that would get a bit sticky and unorganized), I may glorify some things for you.  Share with you some unobtrusive comments on the world and, pushing the envelope even further, I’ll pinpoint current events or people and re-showcase the brilliance of nuance in these things.

Nuance is fun to me. It’s like cutting an onion into layers, but cutting it differently every time you buy one. I also like voice. Single, not plural. I’ll be working on my voice throughout this time as well. Expect some good things, and some bad. But overall, all of these words have ownership. They are well-managed and well-groomed.

Enjoy the ride, but more importantly, wish me luck.

Yours Truly,